Nested checkboxes strikethrough through entire block

Steps to reproduce

Create a checkbox and another checkbox nested inside.
Toggle the first checkbox.

Expected result

Only the top-layer checkbox is struck through.

Actual result

The entire block, including the nested checkbox, is struck through.


  • Operating system: Windows 10 Home 1903
  • Obsidian version: 0.8.14

Additional information

Should only have “Project 1” struck through.


I can reproduce this. Good catch, thanks!

I came across a similar bug where regular text has the strike through style applied to it.

For example:

- [x] Some task  
Some text

Will appear like this:


In the interim, the workaround is to add another line break, i.e.

- [x] Some task  

Some text
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I’m also getting this on

Mac OS 10.15.6
Obsidian 0.8.15

same here: V0.9.3 (win10)

this looks fixed now

Doesn’t look fixed to me. Nested list items and checkboxes are still struck through if the outer checkbox is checked.

Example in v0.12.4:

My apologies for the confusion. This is intended behaviour. I see you FR about this. Not sure this is something there is universal agreement among users.

I believe this can be customized with CSS.