Negative Internal Link and embeds relation type notation

Currently we can refer or embed using internal links. Graph visualization, and backlinking works perfectly fine. However, all links are not equal. Sometimes, we refer or embed a concept with which we disagree in the current note. They are negatively related.

I would like to distinguish negative links from positives, in graph view, and reference lists…

If there’s a syntax for that. E.g [[~link]] (and ![[~link]] for embeds) we can build all sort of visualization on top of them (marking them with different color, filters in graph etc.)

For links, you could link to a heading or block ID that doesn’t exist ([[link#disagree]] or [[link#^disagree]]). The link will work as normal, and you might be able to filter or style based on the extra text (not sure, haven’t tried it). It doesn’t work for embeds, tho (you get an error message instead of the note text).

That’s a very hacky solution. A properly implemented feature means some sort of standard. Other plugins will also bring modification depending on that.