Need URGENT Help please very strange bug

excuse me, could someone help me, I’m depressed, I just lost several years of work on Obsedian that was on my daily bill which is being dumped for no reason.
At first I wasn’t worried, I set the file recovery option to 30 days with an update every 5 minutes but it didn’t surprise me to find that all the snapshots had disappeared regardless the note I have for May 1st. 2024 4:42 a.m. as if everything had been reset
I’m depressed, I had my business ideas and everything in them
Since the folder has not been deleted but emptied, I cannot recover it from the trash and I do not have access to snapshots (because of a bug)
In addition it’s disturbing the file is empty when I open it but it has 224kb yet I don’t understand anything anymore, please help me it’s very important
(And yes I already made a backup but I lost my most important recent project)

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