Need to create summary chart from Markdown table

I’m wonder if it’s possible to create a bar chart from markdown table, e.g. if I have the following

SupportCreated SupportRequestCategoryValue SupportResolutionCategory SupportRequestDetails SupportRequestedBy SupportRequestorDepartment SupportResolutionDate
03/01/2022 09:24 Email and Outlook setup Configuration Detail1 Person 1 Department A 3/01/2022 09:26:30
03/01/2022 13:20 Portal Issue Permission Detail2 Person 2 Department B 5/01/2022 09:30:02
04/01/2022 09:31 Portal Issue Permission Detail3 Person 3 Department A 5/01/2022 10:52:10
05/01/2022 09:11 Phone Issue Configuration Detail4 Person 4 Department C 27/02/2022 12:02:44

and would like to have a bar chart show total support by category between period of times.

appreciate you advice and help.

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Interesting… not sure there is a plugin available to do that. But, nonetheless, I would find it quite useful in showcasing data from tables.

There seems to be such a community plugin: it’s Obsidian-Charts

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