Need Pandoc help, html to md conversion, redundant images links

I’m using a script with pandoc to convert html files and assets to markdown. My script “works,” but I have a minor problem: when I look at the markdown note in Obsidian, it has redundant text in the links to the image files in the assets folder.

When I look at the md file in Obsidian, the is what the text looks like for links to images in assets folder:


The proper text should be:


So Pandoc seems to be interpreting the html structure as a link within a link, leading to the redundant output.

The code in my html files, I believe, uses a standard <a> tag with an href attribute to link the image., e.g.:

    <img class="img-hide" src="./assets/3sIcgyHnp7HfaxQy.jpeg">

Can anyone help me fix this to get rid of the redundancy?

My full script, including the pandoc line, is as follows:

# Converts html files into md files (in same location as html files)


# Use the current working directory as the root directory

# Recursively traverse the directory structure, suppressing output
find "$root_dir" -name '*.html' -type f -exec sh -c 'pandoc "$1" -t gfm-raw_html --wrap=none -o "${1%.html}.md" >/dev/null 2>&1 || success=false' _ {} \;

if $success; then
    echo "Successfully ran the script."
    echo "Some errors occurred during the process."

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