Need Help With Plugin, "Dynamic Table Of Contents": Only certain headers shows in the automized table of contents

With “Dynamic Table Of Contents”, installed and enabled, and using the code block mentioned below, some headers doesnt show up.

Could someone explain to me, why this is happening, and what to do in order to make it work properly?

I added >\ before backticks in an attempt to prevent the code from running. Idk if this is the right way to do it.

Table Of Contents:

style: bullet | number | inline (default: bullet)
min_depth: number (default: 2)
max_depth: number (default: 6)
title: string (default: undefined)
allow_inconsistent_headings: boolean (default: false)
delimiter: string (default: |)
varied_style: boolean (default: false)


You only need to specify the fields that matter for your page. In fact, you don’t need to specify any fields at all if you’re happy with the defaults. In this example I just specify min_depth and max_depth:

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Hey again! :smiley:

I have now been able to implement your solution and I am very thankful, it seems to work like a charm.

I am curious to deepen my knowledge about this and to be able to progress step by step into more advanced things.

Do you know any solid platform or knowledge source where I could deepen my knowledge in both YAML and templater?

I have been trying to study the syntax of them both, though since I am very new to all of this I think that I need a step by step explaination for each templater (module?) And same thing with the YAML frontmatter.

Howdy, glad the example was helpful!

I haven’t found many step-by-step tutorials about any of the many plugins for Obsidian.

You can read more about the YAML frontmatter, and how it’s used in core Obsidian, here: YAML front matter - Obsidian Help

But otherwise I think you’ll just need to experiment and read the docs and forum.

If you have specific questions, please post them to the forum – the community is generally glad to help. :slight_smile: Have fun!


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