Need help with new type of journaling plugin


I’m extremely new to the forums so I’m deeply sorry if I have bad etiquette. I’m trying to build a plugin so that I can take my extremely niche form of journaling and do it on obsidian. I journal in what I call a talmudic style. I was inspired years ago by the vilna printing of the Babylonian talmud to journal in such a way where the page is broken into 5 sections, four corner sections and one in the center with the corner text wrapping around the center.

What I’d like to do is create a plugin which creates a new view and document composed of 5 subviews and 5 documents. each being editable. The date structure is as such:

date.wholenote = {
“wreflect”: ${date+7}
“mreflect”: ${date+30}
“hreflect”: ${date+180}
“yreflect”: ${date+365}

The view would take in a date and either create if not existing or display if already existing a wholenote. I’m stuck because I’ve found the docs pretty hard to navigate and even simple things like creating, displaying and finding documents seem to be quite unintuitive. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

I do the reflection thing using a Tickler File.

Quick definitions

A Tickler File consists of 43 folders: 12 month folders and 1 through 31 day folders; you pass notes into those folders and then move into a centralised “in” location (your inbox folder) every day that day or month elapses. (So on January 31st, you would move the notes from the folder ‘31’ into your inbox folder. On February 1st, you would move notes both from ‘01’ as well as ‘February’)

The Inbox Folder is a folder designated for collecting new thoughts, concepts, and ideas. It is a folder for all the unorganised stuff you’ve come up with ready for you to then go through and organise and deal with in one big batched session. It is where you would store your journalled notes before you organise them.

Both of these concepts are introduced in the book Getting Things Done by David Allen.

Setting notes to be reviewed in the future

If I have a note that comes up that I want to reflect on in the future, I will move that note some days in advance in my Tickler File. For example, if it’s the 1st June 2024 and I want to review this note in a week’s time, I would figure out that in 7 days time it is the 8th June 2024, so I would move the note to my ‘08’ folder. This system only works because I trust that each day I will take out the contents of these folders, move them to my Inbox Folder, and ultimately review them.

Reflecting on a past note

If I have notes that come up in my Inbox Folder from a past date, I’ll write the current date and write little updates on what I think about the note now, usually in its own section, like so:

She never really got back to me.

Maybe I should talk to her about this at some point.

(01/06/24) Well, this was unexpected, she did actually get back to me this time.

I use the Zettelkasten-inspired datetime ID system for my notes, so I don’t usually need to add a data at the top as the note ID provides the date itself.

I hope this was helpful.