Need help using an Obsidian Plugin [obsidian-latex-render]

I was looking for an Obsidian plugin which would render into .svg complex Latex Equations not supported on Obsidian’s Basic Mathjax version. I found a plugin which suit my needs, it’s called Obsidian-Latex-render(Github) and I installed it manually.

Now, The for this is super dense and I can’t understand a blind word. I need your help making this work.

What I know (or I think I know)

  1. I need to have a Latex Installation natively on my desktop, which I have(screenshot)
  2. I need to have installed this plugin, which I have(screenshots)
  3. I know how to use it partially, it’s supposed to render latex code blocks like this one(image) but I don’t know how

Now, when I entered the settings, I found out that I was supposed to enter a “Command to generate SVG”

But, I don’t know what I should Enter. Again, I have Texlive on Linux.

Can someone visite the Obsidian Latex Render github page and tell me how to use this extension?

Seriously, the author could have done a better job of showing us how it works.

I don’t know what else to include, but I will include additional info if any on replies which would contain keywords “edit#1”, “edit#n” etc

Thank you very much for your help! (5.7 KB)

edit#1 I got to know how it works but not completely.

now, I should enter the command to generate the svg into the Command to generate SVG tab. This would be, latex -interaction=nonstopmode -halt-on-error -shell-escape '/home/bob/example.tex' && dvisvgm --font-format=woff2,ah '/home/bob/example.dvi'

latex {filepath/filename.tex} creates a .dvi file in the same name as the filename with the extension dvi, if you pass this through dvisvgm {filepath/filename.dvi} you would get the svg file. Now, I don’t know what to enter in the latex code block.

It’s apparently supposed to render everything I put in, but it isn’t rendering anything. It’s not showing an error either, which is good as it showed an error previously

But yes, still haven’t figured out how this works completely

edit#2 I have explained my issue in more detail over here

After a lot of searching and staring at code, I was able to find a command which didn’t give me an error

latex -interaction=nonstopmode -halt-on-error -shell-escape '/home/bob/example.tex' && dvisvgm '/home/bob/example.dvi'

I am using MX-Linux btw.

This is what is in the example.tex file

Hello, $x^2 + y^2 = r^2$.

This is what is in the example.dvi file(drive link attached)


I don’t know what to enter into the latex code block, because no matter what I enter it gives me nothing back.

Now, what should I enter in the tex file to get the right output. I am sorry but the doesn’t explain well enough.

I also don’t have an idea how the plugin works, but is it possible to share the complex equation that is not possible in Mathjax/obsidian? Maybe there is an other way to make it work.

Could you share the LaTeX code or screenshot of the equation.

I am sorry, I just wanted a big integral sign. I mean, there have been instances where Obsidian’s latex was not enough, but, I don’t remember any now.

Meanwhile, I need to use many packages like Bigints (for bigger integral signs) etc

So, I wish there was actual obsidian support for this or second best, if only I knew how to make this extension work for me


Update, got it, I know how to create a bigger integral sign without making everything big now, but still, I want latex support kinda. :frowning:

Making this edit, so it can be helpful to others and so that I myself won’t forget it either.

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