Need help to make cool shortcuts =)

Hello everyone!
I am quite new to Obsidian, and I am trying to perfect my workflow.
I would need the help of the community - I am trying to achieve some shortcuts via IOS to make this as I need

I already went through the whole topic on the forum about the best shortcuts from the community and already took some of them - I also tried to modify some of them to fit my needs but to be honest my comprehension and knowledge of the shortcut are really limited :dizzy_face:

:boom:Here is what I would love to achieve>

    [ Step 1 ] A shortcut that would allow me to make a quick note like the image below
    //when I press the shortcut a pop-up appears where I can Input my text//

    [ Step 2 ] After pressing “OK” I would be able to send that text to a pre-existing note/folder
    For example, I want to add a quick note to my Note “Idea” (that already has text in it, like previous thoughts and ideas ) I got the pop-up, then I can choose between notes and send it quickly to “Idea”.
    Is this possible?

    Step 1 would be the same as shortcut 1, but instead would go to a unique note of my choice. I just want to be able to add that text to this particular note, with, if possible, the date.
    Something like this:

Note Journal

  • I played tennis [date]

I would like to be able to send a note so that it becomes

Note Journal

  • I posted on the Obsidian forum to make new shortcuts [date]
  • I played tennis [date]

Thank you to all readers and helpers,


The first one is easy as you just feed your text into the “Append to text file” action with the option Make new line enabled to a selected file.

I use this method to quickly dump tasks into a fixed file, and in my Daily Notes I use the task plugin to display pertinent tasks or I can triage them by adding start dates or tags. Since I use iCloud Drive for syncing, the shortcut works on both the Mac and iOS.

The second one will take a little bit more work as you’ll need to calculate the file name and use the “Get File from Folder” action to feed into the “Append to text file” with some extra coding to handle the case where the Daily Note file hasn’t yet been created.

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