Need help setting up a relative images folder

Hi, I need the images to be in a sub-folder as the .md file.

I tried setting just the name in the Files & Links > Attachment folder path to “images”. But then images seem to land in the root of the Vault, which is quite annoying.

Changing every time I change the folder that I work on is not practical either. Because I jump around too much.

Could you please help with instructions here as to how I can have a relative folder (relative from the currently working-on .md file) for storing images. So as you see, the location of this folder is a dynamically set and but the name remain constant.

Appreciate any help with this as it is crucial for my work.

Thank you.

Hi @mzee, make sure the “Default location for new attachments” option is set to “In subfolder under current folder”. If the “Subfolder Name” option is set to “images”, when you drag a file onto the note, it will be saved inside an “images” folder within the folder the note belongs to.

Hope this is what you need!

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