Need Help Setting Up a Mood Tracker with Dataview and Heatmap Integration

Greetings everyone,

I hope this message finds you all in good spirits. I find myself grappling with a challenge and believe that this community’s collective wisdom can provide valuable guidance. I’m currently working on setting up a comprehensive mood tracker, and my objective is to input multiple mood entries throughout the day, ranging from one to nine, into a property with a list type.

My ultimate goal is to leverage Dataview to seamlessly calculate the average of these mood entries by day’s end. Additionally, I’m keen on integrating this average mood data into a Heatmap calendar for a more holistic visualization of my mood patterns over time.

If anyone here possesses expertise in Dataview or has successfully implemented a similar setup, I would greatly appreciate your insights and guidance on how to execute this effectively. Your assistance means a lot to me, and I’m truly grateful in advance for any support you can provide. Thank you!

Have you tried anything yet? What plugins do you have installed? I think you’ll get more engagement on this if you show that you’ve made an effort vs. having someone set something up from scratch.

Even if you throw your request into ChatGPT, it’ll probably get you 60-75% of the way there, and that might be enough to drive more responses.