Need Help for taking notes on patients and things i learn during clinical rotations

hi everyone, i just recently started my medical rotations in med school and well the amount of information is pretty overwhelming TBH. rapid fire of patients that i just have to jot down in my notebook which is fine i can process them in the moment but i want to be able to use this experience later, not just for exams.
so to formulate my question better i have 2 questions

  • first is that how you take notes while you’re at the hospital? what do you write down? what do you just let go to your memory ? how do you write things down?
  • second is that do you have a workflow for how you process these notes? is it useful to process notes about all patients?
    my current workflow so far with obsidian has been working quite well for me. i read my text books and listen to lectures then i create atomic evergreen notes from concepts discussed in the text book. if i encounter the same concepts elsewhere be it a lecture, a youtube video another chapter of my textbooks whatever i add the new information there. it has made for some amazing emergence for different concepts for example for almost all the diseases discussed during my internal medicine course i have pathologies and pharmacologic data for them availabe in the same note (accesible via links of course) and they all emerged from like 3 different texts
    this works for now but i wanna know how i can incorporate patient data and new things i learn in the hospital to that

i have to add this , i dont wanna use patient data directly, specially identifying information thats obviously illegal , but there is always something to be learned from each case . thats kinda the point of why we see cases. i wanna know how do you take notes on the cases.

Hello there! I’m a med student and currently struggling to find a proper workflow for basic sciences, pre clinic and clinical data (in the same vault, along non-medical subjects). Could you describe me your workflow in more detail and give examples of the note contents, links and organization of them, I’d really appreciate it!