Need help defining a workflow for dealing with attachment links

Things I have tried

I’ve searched the forums and read the description of keyword plugins. No luck. Hopefully someone here can help. I feel like there’s an easy solution to this.

What I’m trying to do

I’m creating business process documentation pages at work in markdown. The markdown files are uploaded to our sharepoint site using a markdown web part. Please help me define an efficient process to copy-paste images in Obsidian notes that can be viewed locally and on Sharepoint without the manual effort of replacing links every time I upload the markdown file.

The location of the web page is:

The location of the images is: Documents/FOLDER1/VAULT/attachments/IMAGE1.png

Obsidian related settings are below:

When I paste into Obsidian, this is the link:

When I publish to SharePoint, I manually edit the link to the full path:
![]( Documents/FOLDER1/VAULT/attachments/IMAGE1.png)

Sorry for the messed up links, I didn’t know how to escape them. Thanks for reading!

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