Need Few improvement

I want to give some suggestions to the Obsidian developers,

  1. If the title is not defined, automatically add title from the first line of body.
  2. Top bar of the editor, I mean the path locator, there should have a tooltip to change folder location.
  3. In the editor :heavy_plus_sign: add icon, when we click on it should create a new note in same or different folder instead of opening the previous notes.
  4. In the sidebar, one folder should expand in a time instead of multiple folder expanding. It will help when we click create new note or folder then note or folder will create under the selected folder.
  5. Notification take a lot of time to hide from the top bar, for that we can’t access top bar anything.

Lastly, When I select text from the web or other apps and try to share it to Obsidian, there is no option to select a folder, but other note-taking apps have the common feature. It’s so annoying when it comes to taking notes.

To submit these as suggestions, first search to check if they have already been suggested. Then post each one that hasn’t already been suggested in a new post in the Feature Requests category, and follow the template in the post box.


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