Need Dataview-help for listing important links in notes

Hi, I am pretty new to Obsidian, YAML, Javascript, and the “dataview”-plugin in general. I would like to do the following and I haven’t found an answer yet.

I use Obsidian for writing meeting notes. Sometimes I paste important links in one of these notes that I need to use later. I am potting these notes in a folder named “Meeting Notes”.

I would like to create a dataview list (or table) where I can list these “important” links so I don’t need to search for them in every single note.

I tried to put “link::” in front of these links, but when I tried creating a dataview list, it just listed all my notes. I also tried it with a dataview-table like this:

table link as "Link"
sort file.ctime desc 

But this just lists all my files + a column with the links, even if there isn’t a link in the note. I would somehow need to exclude all notes that don’t have the “link::”-text. Is that possible?


  1. If you don’t want to see the source (your files) you can write TABLE WITHOUT ID (same for LIST).
  2. You can define the source (a folder or a tag) by adding a FROM command;
  3. You can filter the notes to show adding the condition «where this field has a value»


FROM "your-folder-path"
WHERE link

Woah! Nice solution thank you, I would like to achieve the same, but my files only have the #bookmarks tag and the links don’t have any prefix or suffix, maybe the only rule is that they are external links. Would it be possible to list all the links inside #bookmarks notes ?

About the source (notes with the tag “#bookmarks”) you can define FROM in this way: FROM #bookmarks.
But you need to use a way to turn your links as metadata. Without any prefix in the format of an inline field, you don’t have any metadata (external links aren’t implicit fields, only backlinks) to be queried.

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@mnvwvnm Thank you very much for your responsiveness!.

I added link:: prefix to each link, and tried this:

TABLE summary as "Summary", link as "Bookmarks"
FROM #bookmarks

And also

table WITHOUT ID "[[" + + "]]" + " - " + summary  AS File, link AS Bookmarks
from #bookmarks 


table WITHOUT ID "[[" + + "]]" + " - " + summary  AS File, link AS Bookmarks
from #bookmarks 

But on this last one, nothing was grouped and it’s not showing file name link or links

What I would like to get is a table like the next one

Filename1 - Summary
link 1
link 2
link 3
Filename2 - Summary
link 1
link 2
link 3

Thanks in advance!

Many questions:

  1. Why "[[" + + "]]" if you can use
  2. To avoid a long first column, why not separate the field summary in a specific column?
  3. When you use the command GROUP BY, all the fields are “flattened” to rows. So, after this command you need to add rows. to the fields in this way:
TABLE WITHOUT ID AS File, rows.summary AS Summary, AS Bookmarks
from #bookmarks 
  1. The format of your table example (separated tables) isn’t possible in DQL queries. Maybe in JS… but I’m a zero in js.

What happens if you try a query like the following:

LIST file.outlinks
FROM #bookmarks

Could be… But they are external links (not “internal” links). :slight_smile:

Oh, thank you, I missed that it’s an explicit field called “link”.

Thank you very very much for your help. It solved my problem. Sorry for the late response.

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