Need an easy way to copy and paste notes with images to Notion


I paid for Obsidian Sync and Publish with one goal in mind: to be able to copy and paste images from a preview page to Notion and send the images to the pasted document.

First I tried doing so in my preview desktop client for macOS, and it didn’t work.

Then, I uploaded to Obsidian publish and was not able to upload the images. See the page here

I also published my entire attachments folder containing the images, and it didn’t work.

To summarize: all I need is a simple way to copy and paste images to Notion. How can I do that?


I’m not sure I fully understand your question, because I was able to “copy and paste” an image from an Obsidian page to a Notion page without any issue:

  • I right-clicked an image in Obsidian, and chose “Copy Image to Clipboard” in the context menu.
  • Then, in a Notion page, I pressed Ctrl-V and the image pasted successfully.

I was also able to transfer the image by drag and drop.


Your question is a little unclear. Are you trying to transfer an entire document (images + text) from Obsidian to Notion en masse?

Also, the link in your post is password-protected.

Alternatively, if you right-click on an image in Obsidian, you can “Show in system explorer”, and from there you can copy or drag the image directly from your file system.

If the image is a URL link instead of an attachment, you can copy the URL, and then paste the URL in Notion. You then have an option in Notion to “Embed image” and it changes the link to an image.

There is also an existing feature request to be able to copy images: Copy image from a note

Near the bottom of that thread is some discussion about plugins which may enable this feature. (I haven’t looked or tried.)

I see. One of my solutions above is a function of CodeMirror Options (I believe); that plugin has the option to render images in Edit mode–it’s in Edit mode that I’m able to right-click the image and then copy it to Clipboard from the context menu.

But the other option, dragging and dropping an image directly from Obsidian to Notion, works in Preview mode even when community plug-ins are turned off.

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