Need advice on how to update tasks or suggest another workflow

lets say i have a task that says turn in report but i want to have like some kind of memo on it like progress. i want to group that memo under the task. what do i need to do?

task: turn in report
→ waiting for boss man to give clarification 9/10/2023
→ sent mail 9/11/2023
–>still waiting and deadline coming up

is tasks the best way to handle this or should i use another method

The simplest variant of this would be to use tasks with subtasks:

- [x] Answer forum post
  - [x] Do research
  -  [x] Write the post
- [x] Turn in report
  - [x] Get clarification from boss 9/10/2023
  - [x] Send mail 9/10/2023
  - [ ] Wait for deadline ?

TABLE WITHOUT ID task.text, task.completed, task.fullyCompleted
FLATTEN file.tasks as task
WHERE file.path = this.file.path

WHERE file.path = this.file.path
WHERE !fullyCompleted

The output of this example (which is limited to the note you paste the example into) is:

Ask can be seen in the last query output, the “turn in report” is still listed as a task since not all the subtasks are completed. For the first one, though, the “answer forum post”, it’s removed from the task list, and if you see in the table query (between the queried task list, and the task definitions) you can see how “turn in report” is completed, but it’s not fully completed (due to the subtasks), whilst the “answer forum post” is both completed and fully completed.

Hopefully, that make sense. At least I think the better way to handle your scenario is through tasks having sub-tasks and/or pure bullet points with extra information. When combined with a task search (from Dataview) related to fullyCompleted it’ll show which tasks still needs some attention from you somehow.

I’m not sure if (or how) the Tasks plugin would handle the similar scenario, and what’s its query to get not fully completed tasks.

thanks for the suggestion.

  • sub task could work. will have to play around it first. still looking for a note solution
  • also is there a way to add task on a list automatically with a hotkey on a specific place or notes?

im looking into kanban but not sure if its the right one. ill have to play around

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