Need advice on how to encrypt and sync (local, web) my notes and files

can anyone tell me whats the best way to encrypt my files then sync it to a cloud. if the solution also includes synching with mobile then that would be great.

anyone know how to do this?

I think encryption of local files is a bit off-topic to the Obsidian forum. I think you would need to focus on 3rd-party solutions for that. Unless, perhaps there is a plugin that encrypts local files. Have you searched the plugin directory for ‘encryption’?

I believe Windows 10 has an option to encrypt a hard drive. Other operating systems may have similar options.

Obsidian Sync encrypts the files on its servers, but it doesn’t do anything to your local files.

Obsidian sync does end-to-end encrypion.
If you want to encrypt files locally, you could place your vault in Veracrypt or Cryptomator virtual disk.

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