Nebo Viewer

I use excalidraw in obsidian and it is great for building connections, brainstorming, or even writing, since it has great OCR by using taskbone.
However, I also like Nebo. It is such a good app for handwriting. The greatest feature is that it recognizes your drawings as words, so you can edit them like a text, without the need for converting.
Nebo already has a viewer app for iPhone and also allows sharing links for the note, so you can have a link that constantly updates. I think it wouldn’t be so hard to implement such a thing (it would require connection to nebo and a command to add a certain nebo note / document into an obsidian note).


I second this idea. I use Nebo to draft most of my writing (I just “think” better when I handwrite) and then copy/paste the output into Obsidian to keep everything organized. Having a plugin that would link Nebo with Obsidian would avoid duplication in my workflow.


Hey, just discovered canvas allow embedding direct links (with full page shown). That would mean we could update our nebo drawings (with nebo link sharing) automatically in obsidian. However, canvas doesn’t seem to be able to load more complex pages, and I know it is possible because Kosmik, a canvas note-taker, shows nebo links

EDIT: The answer of the team.

I showed kosmik there, maybe you can like the post so we show it is an expected fix?

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This would be nirvana if I could write notes in Nebo and have them show up as text in Obsidian.

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