Nb - nice complimentary CLI note taking app

Thought I’d share this app I recently found as it has a number of features that compliment Obsidian.

from github:

nb is a command line note-taking, bookmarking, archiving, and knowledge base application with: plain-text data storage, encryption, filtering and search, Git-backed versioning and syncing, Pandoc-backed conversion, global and local notebooks, customizable color themes, extensibility through plugins, and more, all in a single portable, user-friendly script.

It’s bookmarking capabilities are particularly useful:

nb is also a powerful text-based CLI bookmarking system that includes: local full-text search of cached page content with regular expression support, tagging, convenient filtering and listing, Internet Archive Wayback Machine snapshot lookup for broken links, easy viewing of bookmarked pages in the terminal and your regular web browser.

Page information is automatically downloaded, compiled, and saved into normal Markdown documents made for humans, so bookmarks are easy to edit just like any other note.

Right now I’m using it with Alfred to quickly add notes to and webpages to obsidian.



This looks and sounds interesting but I’m probably way too uneducation in everything that goes beyond open an .exe and install an app.

Guess I really need to get into coding / programming to finally make a use of the solutions to my problems.
Ive been looking for something like this for hours now and now I fail in face of my own stupidity. );

This is super cool! Thanks for posting it.