Navigation Icons Missing delete

What I’m trying to do

Does anyone know how to retrieve the menus/associated icons in the left sidebar or right sidebar once they have been “closed” from the right-click menu. Specifically Backlinks, Bookmarks, Search, and similar menus. Right now I only have Tags, Files, and Search showing up… But I used to have quite a few more. EDIT: Outgoing Links, Outline are the others I am thinking of.

Things I have tried

Tried to search online and through the documentation of how to toggle these on and off but I only have been able to figure out how to toggle them off and then they are gone.

I tried resetting the app, tried switching the theme, and looked through menu options that might toggle them back on.

Thanks for any help!

Update: I was able to get Bookmarks back by reinstalling the app and then toggling the Core plugin off and then on again. Search was always there I just didn’t see it.

So, I am still missing Outgoing Links, Backlinks, and Outline. Not sure how to get those three back.

Open the command pallet with ctrl/cmd + p, then type Outgoing Links and one of the options should be Outgoing Links: Show outgoing links

You can do the same for the other 2

Perfect, that’s the solution I was looking for. Appreciate the help!

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