Navigating back when a local graph is opened focuses local graph

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a bunch of linked notes.
  2. Open one and open local graph - now you have a note view on left and local graph on right.
  3. opt enter to navigate to one of the links in the note.
  4. Command opt left/right to navigate back/forward.

Expected result

Focus is still on the note, so I can opt enter another link again

Actual result

Local graph is focused instead, pressing opt enter in the note editor over some link does nothing


  • Operating system:
    macOS big sur
  • Obsidian version:

I can’t reproduce. Post a screen recording.

There you go:

Notice in the gif the change of focus from the note to the graph, which then means that when I try to opt-enter into a link, it doesn’t react, I have to click to focus the note. You can see the focus at the top where the header is.

What are your shortcuts for:

  • going back and forward?
  • moving focus to another pane?

AFAIK Obsidian does not allow customizing shortcuts. Or does it? In any case, I did not change the defaults, since I know of no way of doing that. You can see what I’m pressing at the bottom of the gif in real time. The default unmodified shortcut in obsidian for going back and forward is, as in the gif CMD+OPT+Left/Right. I do not know of a shortcut for focusing a different pane, so as can be seen in the gif, I click to the desired pane with the mouse, once the focus is lost in the typing area.

Obsidian allows customizing shortcuts. Settings -> Hotkeys

Alright, cool, good to know. Didn’t know that. But that’s irrelevant. I am using default shortcuts to navigate back and forth and the focus is lost. Still can’t reproduce it? I do not have any nightly build or anything custom locally.

However, I can at least apply a workaround for now, setting a shortcut for focusing on a different pane, with keyboard, everytime the de-focusing takes place.

I can’t repro. I wonder if this is a mac specific thing. Will try again later.

Thank you for providing the screen recordings.

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do you still have this problem?

No, seems like now it happens only when I click on nodes in the graph with mouse, but there it is acceptable, understandable — the focus actually was in the graph, so it makes sense to move the focus back there, when one navigates back and forth.

It still allows to move the cursor in the edited note however, even though the focus is in the graph at those moments, which can be a bit confusing, because then OPT ENTER will not navigate to note under cursor, since the focus is in graph.