Navigating back and forth is not pane specific

Steps to reproduce

  1. Have multiple panes (let’s say pane X and pane Y)
  2. Create some navigation history for each pane, but alternate this history (e.g., go to new note in pane X, then new note in pane Y, then new note in pane X, etc.)
  3. Try navigating back or forth on pane X or Y

Expected result

Navigation of back and forth should be limited to simply the focused pane. It should not take you to another pane regardless of how you’ve switched from pane X to Y or vice versa

Actual result

Navigation of back and forth is not limited to the focused pane. Instead, it takes into consideration all prior navigation across all panes.


  • Operating system: OSX
  • Obsidian version:0.8.1

Additional information


this is not a bug but a design decision we made. You can discuss about it in the Obsidian category of the forum.

Was this ever discussed elsewhere? I can’t seem to find a topic on it and it drives me crazy. I’m happy to create one wherever it belongs, but wanted to avoid a duplicate.

I too would like to chime in on this. I came here to report it as a bug (thinking it was perhaps a hard-coded shortcut that couldn’t be modified beneath my shortcut for history settings), and would like to know where the discussion is. I’ve never in my life seen a system where individual tabs/panes/splits are all bound within one holistic history system, as opposed to each individual interface element having its own discrete history queue. That in and of itself does not mean the behaviour is wrong or bad, but it does to my mind mean that the benefits should be greater than the friction caused by bucking decades of interface expectation.

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