Add option to make navigation history pane-specific (back/forward on active pane )

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See the original bug report here:
Navigating back and forth is not pane specific.

Apparently, there was a design decision to make navigation apply to all pane history. I think there is a strong case where navigation that is based on the history of the focused pane is much more usable and effective. Either way, please provide an option so that each individual can decide how navigation should behave.

Ideally, if keyboard shortcuts are more effective so that pane focus and maneuverability can be done more predictably and intuitively from the keyboard, then providing the option to make navigation pane specific would be a very powerful supplement in increasing user experience/productivity.

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Yes, please, the current behavior is very frustrating.


I too found it confusing & counterintuitive.


Agree that the toggle makes the most sense. There are use cases where traversing the sequence across multiple panes allows for tracing one’s mental steps. There are also simple editing use cases where pane-specific history is of more utility. Perhaps a similar functionality to that of pinning, but where the toggle is at a file-specific vs. pane-specific or vault-specific level.

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Would also like to see this feature added. The current approach is very confusing!


Come here to search for this as well. Would appreciate a fix for this.
As in all application with multiple pane/tabs, navigation between panes and navigating the history of a pane should ideally be separated.
Since Obsidian has already provided “Focus pane on the left/right/…” already, I think separate history is expected.


I am also for it!

Just found this gem today. Absolutely fantastic by @pjeby GitHub - pjeby/pane-relief: Obsidian plugin for per-pane history, pane movement/navigation hotkeys, and more

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Worth its own feature request:

Often happens that you get stuck in a pane 1 → pane 2 → pane 1 → pane 2 loop after working side by side and switching between them for a while, whereas you just want to go back one note in pane 2.


+1. This is the default behavior in all popular text editors

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Thanks for making a separate thread for it. I now see that my earlier request is in the ‘feature archive’, which is not what I intended but that slipped my attention. Thanks!


Yes, so much this! I’m a heavy user of the back/forward hotkeys, and when working with multiple panes this throws me off terribly. I imagine it doesn’t make sense to change the existing hotkeys, but adding new hotkeys for this would be a godsend.

ETA: Does the plugin framework provide the right hooks to be able to do this? Worst case, could it be implemented that way?

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Yes, yes, 1000 times yes. I do not get the justification for the existing, default behavior. As you say, it may be “useful in specific situations”, but much more often (in my experience) you want each pane to have its own history! Clearly that should be the default, and I don’t know why it would be a technical issue for it to work that way. Obsidian team have already worked plenty of magic elsewhere. :grin:

I’ll also take this moment to point out that this has been requested several times before. Other mentions are archived, but this is clearly a need for many people and it has not been addressed. Can we get some discussion about why there is this seemingly unintuitive default @Licat and whether pane-specific history nav can be an option? (apologies if tagging Licat is frowned on here, I wasn’t sure who else to call attention to this)

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