Navigate to previous/next spelling error with keyboard

Use case or problem

I have a few spelling errors detected by the spellchecker in my document, and I’d like to quickly go through each without manually scrolling and paying attention to red underlines (error prone).

Proposed solution

Add a command to navigate to previous/next spelling error (idea taken from other text editors, including code editors than navigate to previous/next warning/error). The command can have a default keyboard shortcut that be customized by the user.


  • a small view panel Spellchecker that shows a preview of all spelling errors in the document (word and line, maybe even 1st recommendation). You can click on each entry to jump to that line. Also shows a count of spelling errors remaining
  • like code editor mini-maps/scrollbar indicators: show a red bar on the scrollbar to indicate position of spelling errors

Current workaround (optional)

Scroll manually and look at red underlines.

However, I noticed that red underlines only appear 1 second after you stop scrolling (or after a page up/down action). This prevents me from zooming through the document and makes the process even slower.

This probably needs to be fixed first: if the spell checker only works on visible words, global spell error navigation/preview won’t be possible anyway (but maybe it’s just a visual issue: the words may be verified but only the red underline appears with delay).

Related feature requests (optional)


mac offers that feature Cmd + Semicolon (;)

BUT currently Obsidian hasn’t fully adopted this native macOS feature.

Great suggestion! I want to add that both navigation and a spellcheck pane would be very handy.