Navigate file explorer with arrow keys

In the following thread @WhiteNoise mentions (if I understood well) that navigating the file explorer would be implemented in version 0.15.

In version 0.15.9 I’m not able to navigate the file explorer with the arrow keys.
Can anyone confirm that this is not yet working? Or if it should be working, I’m looking for some suggestions what could block this in my case. I tested with community extensions off.

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it’s working for me

Based on my settings: Clicking once will focus to the editor of the note you clicked. Then if you click a second time on the same active note, you should see a little border appear (maybe depending on your theme). And then it should work. This moves focus on to the explorer pane.

Or if you run the command “Show file explorer” it should move focus there too.

If not, is your installer up to date?

Thanks for your reactions. I deactivated all plugins but forgot to check my theme :man_facepalming:. I was using the Minimal Theme beta via BRAT plugin. When I installed the official Minimal release I could see that I was moving around in the file tree all along. Thank again!

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