"Navigate Back" discards filename changes

  1. link to an file [[chem-unobtainium|unobtainium]].
  2. realize I’ve changed naming conventions and want to update the filename
  3. option-enter, F2, edit file name to read “chem-compound-unobtanium”
  4. option-command- ← gets me back to the previous file.
  5. My change from step 3 is lost.

Workaround: hit enter after step 3 behaves as expected.
But that should not be necessary :slight_smile:

OSX 11.2.1
Obsidian 0.11.3

I think it’s necessary. How else should we know you want your changes saved instead of cancelled?

That’s a fair point.
I never make mistakes that I need to cancel :slight_smile: