Navigate back (Alt-Left) to previous cursor position on the same page for intra-page links

Use case or problem

Obsidian allows linking to a header or block on the same page. A common situation is having a TOC at the top of the page, linking to headers, or using links to blocks to jump between sections on the same page.

For a lot of situations it might actually be an anti-pattern to organize thoughts in long pages instead of having smaller chunks. But there are certainly use cases where one wants to repeatedly jump to certain sections on the same page, maybe going back and forth between the section and the TOC, or jump from one section to a “deeper” one on the same page, then go back an continue reading. In both cases I retain the “higher” context, either the TOC or the section from where I dive deeper and back up again.

Problem: In Obsidian Alt-Left (on Windows) navigates back to the previous page, not back to the cursor position on the same page from where the jump originated (e.g. a link in the TOC, or the link which points to a block id on the same page).

Proposed solution

With a web browser, navigating backwards takes me either to the previous page (as Obsidian does) or repositions the cursor on the same page, for jumps to anchors on the same page. It would be great if Obsidian showed the same kind of behaviour.

Current workaround (optional)

I use a plugin which remembers the cursor position, but it doesn’t help in this case. After navigating back with Alt-Left and navigating forward with Alt-Right, I am back at the intra-link target (e.g. the header I jumped to from the TOC).

Related feature requests (optional)