Nautilus for Obsidian


Tomáš Baránek, one of the Czech life hackers and publisher of self-development books, created an interesting plugin for Roam Research focused on time blocking and working with tasks.

He agreed that I could ask here if there was a developer who could convert the idea of Nautilus for use with Obsidian. The only condition is the listing of credits.

A fairly comprehensive article on how Nautilus works is at How I learned to plan better (and what to do when your head doesn’t get lists) | by Tomáš Baránek | Feb, 2024 | Medium

GitHub repo is here: GitHub - tombarys/roam-depot-nautilus

Is there anyone who would be interested in this idea and convert it to Obsidian?

Thank you.


You’ll probably attract more interest if you provide a brief description so people don’t have to follow a link to learn even the basics.

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I’m sorry, I hadn’t thought of that.

So, some words about Nautilus from GitHub repo:
It’s Roam Research extension for stress-free task planning, visually representing tasks and calendar events in the Roam Daily Page, and recognizing task duration variabilities. It uses the present moment as a threshold to dynamically push unfinished tasks into the available time until tonight while keeping them in a user-defined order with user-estimated durations.

This visual approach reduces the feeling of being overwhelmed, enhances task-effort estimating skills, and clearly shows what the feasible tasks are for the rest of the day. The spiral shape mirrors one’s diminishing energy for creative tasks over a given day.

Events are yellow, tasks are blue – and done tasks are light gray


This sounds amazing and makes complete sense. I’m gonna jump into my old Roam graph to try it