Natural paragraphs and line breaks


I’m trying to see if I could get in Obsidian the behavior I consider normal, namely:

  1. Hitting Enter creates a new paragraph, which is distinguished visually with some vertical space before it
  2. Hitting Shift-Enter creates a new line within the same paragraph, with no vertical space

I understand that in the markdown spec paragraphs are separated by one blank line, which means two line breaks, and meaningful unique line breaks should have two spaces at the end, to distinguish them from meaningless line breaks which occurred everywhere before word wrap was invented.

However, it would be possible to have the desired behavior I described above in the software, yet to save the text files per the markdown spec.

That is after all what is done with italics and bold. They are shown on screen as typographic italics and bold, and inserted with Ctrl-i and Ctrl-b, yet they are saved in the text files per the markdown spec. Couldn’t it be the same for paragraphs and line breaks?

I think full blank lines to separate paragraphs are unsightly on screen and waste precious screen space (we want some vertical space, but not that much), and hitting Enter twice for every paragraph is cumbersome and makes no sense. Yes, it’s what programmers do. It’s also what writers using typewriters used to do. They also used to hit Enter/Return every time they arrived at the end of the line. But we have word wrap and don’t have to do that any more, fortunately. We shouldn’t have to hit Enter twice either.

Please advise. Thanks.

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