Native MacOS alternatives to Obsidian

Obsidian is awesome and the absolute best in terms of features and effectiveness. Nevertheless, it is definitely absurdly heavy both in terms of performance and of storage.

Could you suggest any native MacOS alternative to Obsidian? I am willing to sacrifice some features to get speed, efficiency and optimizations.

Thanks a lot!

Unfortunately I think most of Obsidian’s peers are built similarly.

Logseq isn’t an Electron app but its underpinnings still sound kind of complicated to me (I’m not a developer).

You could try Zim, an older app written in Python. It uses a more traditional wiki syntax instead of Markdown, but it’s still based on plain text files. I have numerous files in my Obsidian vault that were originally written in Zim (I adjust the syntax as I encounter them).

This site has some interesting points on the matter: :grin:

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