Native Mac Spell Checker

On a Mac, any text editor, including even web forms in Safari, support spell checking, it can be invoked with a command + shift + ; keyboard combination. Is there any plans to enable this please? I think the custom spell check engine should be an option in the settings and disabled by default.

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Yes because I need French spell check!!!

There is a feature request for spell check. Follow that. It won’t be the native mac one.

@WhiteNoise please provide with a link to the request, I couldn’t find it. It is unfortunate to hear that developers continue to improve Obsidian own spell checker. I recommend to reconsider and I would gladly help you getting rid of the current implementation in favour of the macOS solution.

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Absolutely agree with this. The native Mac spellchecker is way better than what is currently included with Obsidian, plus it will do autocorrect. I suspect the problem is that the Mac version is probably not really ‘native Mac’ and so that functionality is not straightforwardly available. Could that be the case?