Nasty scrolling with split and linked panes: edit pane and preview pane are asynchroned

Steps to reproduce

  1. Disable all community plugins
  2. Open a new pane in edit mode and paste 3 or more square ![[images.png]]
  3. Split vertical, the second pane must be in preview mode
  4. Type some text below images for indicating
  5. Scroll the preview pane from

Expected result

Scrolling the first preview pane or second edit pane with nice synchronicity.
The center of the text in the editor must be on the same level as the center of the rendered image, I suppose.

Actual result


  • Operating system: Windows10 Pro
  • v0.13.14
  • Debug info: Oh, I dunno this stuff

Additional information

Video with bag: Bug report 2021.12.25 | v0.13.14 - YouTube

This is not a bug. Obsidian tries to maintain the alignment on first line of the document using the markdown blocks as reference points. If you don’t separate the lines with black lines, you only have one big markdown block.

Are you planning to add a special rule for images in view mode?