NaNoWriMo / Obsidian?

Would be interested in hearing from anyone who used / plan to use Obsidian for NaNoWriMo. Getting my act together for November.

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I have been summoned! Amazing timing too since I’m bout to start my preptober in Obsidian :sweat_smile:


New to both Obsidian and Nano, and very excited. Keen to hear tips on how you all work :slight_smile:

I’m using Obsidian for my writing as well. Moved over from Scrivener because I really like the Git integration and easier worldbuilding and setting management.

Take a look at the Longform plugin - it is designed by a writer and fully focused on managing scenes and drafts.

The only things I’m going to miss from Scrivener are the project/day goal tracking and the corkboard which are both feature requests on some of the plugins.

I’d love to see how fellow writers organize their worldbuilding and ideas, I currently have my setup as shown here:

Not 100% sold on my organization but I’m more focused on prepping right now.

Nice to see we have some writers here!