Naming conflicts for literature notes

I’m using a two-vault-approach with one vault for permanent notes and one vault for literature notes. Lately with more upcoming book summaries I noticed a problem with naming notes.

I usually start with a MOC for the book itself and create separate notes (MOCs) for each chapter and section. But sometimes those note names are in conflict with notes I made for another book. Let’s say I read a book about habits and create a section note with the title ‘How to build a habit?’ and later I’m reading a second book with the same section name. If I’m going to create an internal link from the MOC itself I get the already created note as suggestion but actually I want to create a “new” note. What is your personal workflow to handle such issues?

And how do you name notes? If I’m reading about “habits”, do you tend to create a note named “Habit” or are you actually using sentences like “What is a habit?”

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