Names of notes in the folder tree not visible when inside many folders

It is not exactly a bug, but a result of the absence of a longitudinal slider in the folder browser of Obsidian.

I have many subfolders in my vault. At some point I was trying to read each note one-by-one but had trouble to even see their name (see screenshot)

…then you shouldn’t post it under “bug reports”…

Which theme are you using? You can try the following css solution:

.theme-light {
  --nav-item-children-padding-left: 0px;

This is intentional at the moment. You can also hover over the title to see it

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Well, I searched on the other categories and Bug Reports were the most relevant, albeit not entirely (no category about “features that work imperfectly to the point of irritation”, so yeah, bugs). Try to resist sounding like a smart-“bottom” next time, this forum is neither Facebook nor Instagram, people come here expecting grown-up answers.

I will try your solution, thanks.

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