My workflow for periodic (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) reviews in Obsidian

Github repository that includes all templates/notes: obsidian-resources/templates/periodic-reviews at main · ransurf/obsidian-resources · GitHub</tit

My relatively incomprehensive video showcasing my workflow:

Feedback and suggestions are appreciated :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing! It’s generous to share the actual template and that always seems the most useful. I’ve been avoiding my weekly reviews so this is a good reminder! My only feedback is that, for me, and might just be me, I found the glow/transparency/wobble/transition effects took away from my focus on the content. Thanks again and keep it coming!

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Glad you found it useful! I can definitely understand the distraction issues caused by the different effects, so I think I’ll for sure tone it down during parts of actual content- I just wanted to experiment a bit with my editing style. Thanks for the feedback, and good luck with starting back up weekly reviews :slight_smile: