My take on a Spaced Repetition plugin

Wanted to share my newly released memorization plugin!


What inspired this plugin was my desire to have an Anki inspired experience, where the cards in the deck are also notes. Currently, I use your tags as the deck specifier. In other words, you select the tag to study and I’ll create the deck accordingly. To me, this is a fluid approach that makes studying your notes a bit more intuitive. Moreover, having the study view as a note will hopefully allow for some cool future features.

Here are some ideas:

  • Selecting a study note from the graph view which starts a study.
  • Being able to create a deck with the linked, internal notes as the deck specifier.

I currently implement the SuperMemo-2 algorithm for spaced repetition.

Here is the repo for those interested: Memorization


Can you comment on your view about other existing spaced repetition plugins such as Spaced Repetition by Stephen Mwangi? One thing about that plugin is that the latest release was 91 days ago.

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Definitely. I have nothing bad to say about the plugin you mentioned. But when trying it out originally, there were a few things I thought I could do that made a spaced repetition plugin tailor to what I wanted.

  1. Generation of study notes as actual notes(including the scoring/carousel logic). I wanted this feature so I could see them and eventually interact with them in the graph view.
  2. I personally enjoy how, with my plugin, you just search for a tag and it generates study notes for you. I believe this is a minimal, straightforward approach, which I enjoy.

In the end, the drive for this project was just my vision for a spaced repetition plugin. The one you mentioned is much further along and well made. I recommend anyone looking for this type of plugin to try it.

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Ok nice. Can you tell little bit more about your first point, generation of notes as actual notes. How this is different from the other plugin?

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Ah, I should’ve been more granular. When trying out the other plugin, the flow for me was to add a specific tag to a note and then that note would be study-ready per se. With my plugin, the workflow is

  1. I want to study my computer science notes
  2. Use plugin to look up #Computer-Science tag.
  3. I generate notes for you that are separate from the original note. This newly generated study note has the logic to track your SM score and go to subsequent study notes.

The main difference is in the flow. I also, use a whole new note for you to study so you don’t have to interact with the original note. Whereas in Stephen’s plugin, I would add a tag to a note I wanted to study and it would use that tag for studying.

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Thanks for these added details! I really appreciate the idea of preserving the original note. I have actually thought that before and it led me to discontinue using Stephen Mwangi’s plugin. I currently use Obsidian to manage a dictionary that I will use to generate decks elsewhere. To my knowledge there are no elegant ways to make that process as smooth as possible. The most elegant way would use command line with txt argument and other important arguments.

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