My standard of Creating vault

I am a structuralist. I like to create a separate vault for each type of transaction or skill.

Previously, I classified notes within a vault intuitively, because I thought the vault itself was a clear definition. During the writing process, because precise restrictions are not added to the library, the vault will always generate new ones, which will destroy the new structure of the current vault structure. Several times I only noticed when this destructive structure appeared in large numbers.

In order to create a vault more precisely according to the requirements, I have divided a requirement analysis standard to limit me: why to build a note library and the characteristics that a note library should have

  • structural bias
Bias Trait Description Indicators
Hierarchy Structure: In-depth conceptual breakdowns Folder or labelnesting levels
Centralized Structure: Note subdivisions are generated by qualifying rules Number of hierarchical rules
Flow Structure: Note Subdivision Position Change Frequency of Movement
Stacking Structure: Frequency of adding notes Number of new files
Iteration Structure: Frequency of note deletion Number of deleted files
  • content bias
Bias Trait Description Indicators
Relevance Content: Frequency of Using Other Notes Concepts Using Links
Atom Content: The meaning of the content of the note remains unchanged Number of edits
Aging Content: The change speed of the real concept mapped by the note concept Content expiration time

Before creating a vault, I will preset the characteristics of the structure and content of the vault created, and then build corresponding rules based on this characteristic, so as to prevent the vault from losing the characteristics I want during continuous use.