My Setup : Beautiful neumorphic minimal paperlike Border theme preset

Hi :wave:,

I love how my Obsidian looks. I thought I should share it.

I used a custom CSS script to modify my Obsidian Border Theme. It’s a modification of the “Side” minimal preset. I included neumorphic design in it. I loved it. Darker Grey background for writing makes it easy to write day or night without dark mode. Also, I get a paper-like feel.


CSS Code snippet to import on “Style Settings” Plugin

"Appearance-light@@card-layout-open-light": true,  
"Appearance-light@@accent-light": "#808080",  
"Appearance-light@@accent-color-override-light": true,  
"Appearance-light@@mod-left-split-background-select-light": "mod-left-split-background-customize-light",  
"Appearance-light@@background-mod-left-split-light": "#F5F5F5",  
"Appearance-light@@mod-right-split-background-select-light": "mod-right-split-background-customize-light",  
"Appearance-light@@background-mod-right-split-light": "#F5F5F5",  
"Appearance-light@@mod-root-split-background-select-light": "mod-root-split-background-transparent-light",  
"Appearance-light@@on-border-light": "#666666",  
"Appearance-light@@background-underlying-select-light": "background-underlying-Color-light",  
"Appearance-light@@background-underlying-light": "#F0F0F0",  
"Appearance-light@@card-shadow-light": "0px 2px 4px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1)",  
"Appearance-light@@shadow-activated-tab-header-light": "0px 2px 4px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1)"  

I also use violet color for buttons and highlights. (Changed it via accent color settings in style settings.) I used “Readex Pro” as the text font for better legibility, “Atkinson HyperLegible” as the interface font, and “MonoLisa” as the code font.




Love it! you should make an Issue in the plugin’s github if you haven’t yet so this can be added to the custom presets page