My Settings Reset Whenever I restart Obsidian

Whenever I restart obsidian, some of the settings go back to their default and I can’t figure out why…

Specifically, in the “Appearance” section of settings, under “Advanced,” the option to “Show Inline Title” is turned off. I turned it on and it works without an issue, but when I restart the app it’s toggled off again. There may be other settings that reset as well, but this is the only one I notice (because it’s super annoying!).

My hotkeys don’t reset or anything like that and all the same plugins remain active, so I have no idea what might be wrong.

Any insights or suggestions would be much appreciated!

If you have the Workspaces Plus plugin installed and enabled, try disabling it. (Just an idea.)

Just tried this, no luck :frowning:

Then it’s some other plugin you’ve recently installed. Try turning them off and on one by one and see if that helps.

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