My reading list in obsidian setup

Hi, I’ve found a process that is quickly proving to be a game changer for me!

I have my reading list in obsidian so I can read offline, highlight etc. I use the ‘clippy’ js bookmarklet (I think it’s well known, but can’t remember where I found it), to save an article in markdown format to my vault.

Because it imports the article with the tag #clippings, I can use the autonote mover plugin to automatically move it to my “to read” folder. I do this by telling automover to automatically move all files with the #clippings tag to that folder. So now I have my reading list in one place.

With complex reading material it is often useful to read a summary of it beforehand. this ‘pre-reading’ can allow you to grasp the material better. I came up with the idea to have GPT4 summarise the article. The Smart connections plugin allows you to do many things, but here I use it to call GPT4 on my reading list articles and get it to write a summary.
You can say “explain in detail the main concepts in [[note name here]]” and it will find that file in your vault, send it to GPT4, and return a summary! Then I manually paste it in at the top.

I am so pleased with this setup! I can see an article online, save it to obsidian to a read later folder, then use GPT4 to generate a summary of that article that i can use to pre read the article.

But of course, it could be better! I wonder if there’s a way to automate the process of summarising all notes in my to read list? Ideally, it would automatically paste a GPT4 generated summary of each note at the top of that note, but only for notes in a given folder (my read later folder).

Any ideas? Feel free to critique, steal and improve on this setup!

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Is this not possible to do with the Smart Connections Community Plugin?

Is what not possible?

Sorry, I was talking about where you said you wanted Smart Connections to automatically summarize notes and paste them inside of the note. I thought it was possible with Smart Connections, but upon further research it seems that this is not possible using Smart Connections.

Personally, I use Readwise (with a 50% student discount) and it does that by default I believe - it’s called Ghostwriter. It sucks that it costs money but it truly is a great product - I’d look into it if you haven’t already.