My personal wanted features: (Tabs, custom file sort, notion like structure, ..)

Use case or problem

Small Changes

These are very easy to implement and likely to be adopted by the obsidian devs given enough time.

  • getting tabs (\t) visible in read mode.
    • \t is behaving as it should in editing mode. But weirdly in read mode it’s just treated like a space.
  • Make Restore Tab Key Plugin default. Meaning that pressing tab should actually insert \t at the current position and not indent the (current) block.
  • custom file tree sorting
    • every folder could have a file named sort.obs or something like that where the sorting order of the notes is defined. This would still preserve all the values of obsidian while providing us with a ‘custom sort’ for our notes.

Big Changes

These might get implemented if the devs like it.

  • native notion like tables (like the Dataloom Plugin)
  • notion like file structure
    • when you click the parent folder name on the top of the note, it should open ‘the note of the parent folder’.
    • This would obviously have to come with some changes to the file structure. Every note would have a folder with a file. And then if a note gets created ‘inside that note’, a new folder is created inside the folder of the note (with the folder havingn the name of the note).
    • This is a very big change so I’m not sure if there even is a chance of it getting implemented at all.

Proposed solution

already included

Current workaround (optional)

already included

Related feature requests (optional)

none that I know

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Please create one feature request for each.
And if there is already a feature request, give that one a heart/add your comment there.