My obsidian use experience (I)

Recently, I have been using obsidian for almost two years, and I am very happy to see more and more users (lawyers, accounting, engineers, etc.) using it together.I also hope to share some of my own experience on the Internet to promote this tool that I personally think is very suitable for academic writers and writers…,etc.

I think the biggest impression of obsidian is that your data are all inside the local machine, not like Notion is connected to his system, there is a very safe and secure feeling)
After talk to a few friends, in fact, quite a lot of people have heard of this software, but when using it, when they feel that it is not like Notion which is so intuitive, or were shocked by a lot of plug-ins, and they do not want to continue to use obsidian.
If you have also given up using obsidian for this reason, you may continue to pay attention to the sharing afterwards, and hope I will solve the common problems people encounter one by one in the upcoming few articles.

The following are the pain points of stop using obsidian

  1. I don’t know how to start writing and organizing my notes, is it suitable for my work or not? how about my life also?
  2. What is the whole design concept of obsidian and what does it help me to do?
  3. What is Vault? How to sort and use the folders and files created in it?
  4. Graph view (Graph view) looks great, but what can it do?
  5. Can I insert pictures? How to manage the pictures?
  6. Can I insert a pdf? How to manage pdf? Are academic notes suitable? Is it good to cite literature notes?
  7. There are too many plug-ins, which ones do I need?
  8. What is the Markdown format? Will it be difficult and time consuming to learn?
  9. Can I achieve a beautiful page like Notion?
  10. Do you have Notion’s database system? Table view, Card view, Calendar view?
  11. What are the strengths of obsidian? What are the weaknesses?
  12. Can you share and co-edit with document management software (Zotero?) and Word?
  13. Is it suitable for daily note taking? How can I use it to revisit my diary?
  14. Do you need to be able to write programs to use obsidian?
  15. Where can I ask questions when I encounter problems? (Welcome to join the facebook group: Redirecting...)
  16. What is a double-linked notebook? How is it different from Notion?
  17. I am ______ Is it suitable to use obsidian?
  18. Can I use various templates?
  19. When do I use Tag or [[ ]] (double brackets)?
  20. What is preview mode and edit mode? What is the difference?

To be added…

Here’s what obsidian can do!

  1. All files are in your computer, not obsidian owns them, no need to connect to the internet!
  2. You can do presentations, and it is very high quality, and can be opened directly in the local browser, you can also export as ppt.
  3. You can export pdf and word.
  4. You can integrate with Zotero and set up custom templates to quickly import your own notes.
  5. You can write Java script, Python … etc in obsidian. (but I do not yet know this part very well).
  6. You can use multiple mouse positions to type in the same article at the same time.
  7. When you change the Tag, the Tag of all the articles in the whole library will be updated automatically.
  8. Easily adjust the preview image size.
  9. Tasks can be used to manage tasks.
  10. Import your iOS reminders.
  11. Use Kanban views like Trello’s Task Watcher
  12. Quickly extract highlight from pdfs and articles to help academics extract key points from articles.
  13. Custom templates and even Javascipt can be used to import some automated commands.
  14. You can convert md notes to Mind Map mode.
  15. Powerful calendar mode, daily notes, weekly notes, monthly notes, quarterly notes, and yearly notes
  16. Link with Anki cards and Readwise.
  17. Can be used to watch YouTube and take notes
  18. Footnote footnotes and automatic directory generation
    Super search system (search for note content, note name, tag, regex search…etc.)
  19. Quickly find recent notes, starred notes
  20. Double-linked notes (Backlinks, Outlinks)
  21. Outline notes are also fully adaptable

To be added…

After reading this article, if there is any point that touches you, or feel that once was also one of your troubles using obsidian, the subsequent hope that the article can help :smiley:
I’d also like to share my obsidian and some academic research related video channels, introducing some plug-ins and the connection and use between different software.

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Hy Fred,

I have seen one of your videos and I’d like to know about plugin/snippet in your setup. I have already posted the question.

I have shared the source video and screenshot. Can you tell me which plugin/snippet you used?

Popclip ;D