My obsidian updated and can't find my previous data

I opened my obsidian app and i get a new screen asking to create a vault or open , i log into a my account thinking my data was synced turns out it wasnt and now i cant find anything . Please help as these were my notes for over months of work

If you remember, where did you choose to store your vault? On the Desktop? In Documents? Is your vault inside the OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud folder or anything like that? Your vault path/location should be listed in the vault switcher under your vault name, but I’m guessing it’s not there.

Your “vault” is a folder with notes and other folders in it. I’d search my drive for a collection of .md (Markdown) files. If your files were automatically removed by OneDrive, Google Drive, etc., you’ll need to redownload them, mirror them, keep a local copy. Every service has a different name for keeping the files & folders local.

Once you find that folder of .md files, you would then Open folder as a vault in the Obsidian Vault switcher.

I hope you can find them.

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Did you create a vault? Where? Did you back it up?

Or did you use the sandbox help vault for your notes?


Apologies @ariehen — must have been writing (more slowly than you) at the same time. :joy:

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The more angles to check the better!

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i didnt use the sandbox vault , i prolly made a vault and even named it but i dont think i synced it

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Good news is that the installer doesn’t touch user-created vaults (only the sandbox vault), so if you saved a vault on your device, it will be there somewhere. Tried the ideas suggested by @ariehen above?

i found my old vault name and searched in file explorer but when i try to open it

this shows up

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Seems like you found it. Good to hear.

no i didnt i cant open it

Was that a network drive? Or a portable hard drive or something? Or possibly a cloud-syncing tool you were using that you got logged out of? (Google Drive, Dropbox, Syncthing, Lucid Link, etc. etc.?)

If you right-click on that “lnk” file can you see the full path it is trying to point to?

Obsidian Sync is a paid subscription. If you didn’t pay for it and configure it, then you won’t have your files synced through Obsidian Sync. Logging in doesn’t mean your notes sync. That just means it attaches to your account, so it can see if you have the Catalyst license, or other paid add-ons.

If you don’t have any of those paid add-ons, then logging in is not necessary, and won’t really do anything.

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Also I edited your title, because Obsidian didn’t delete your data. It just can’t find it because that location was moved or disconnected.

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