My latest activity (similar to Github README profile) on Obsidian Publish

Hey, I like the new Github README profile which usually shows recent activity of someone.

I was wondering if doing something like that is doable with obsidian, i.e. I want to see my current books (Goodreads API / scrapping), Github Activity (API …), latest Medium posts … Or how could I implement a plugin for it ? Or i’m going too far yet ?


I think that could be very useful. You can see immediately what you have been working on in the last days and can continue where you left off.

Actually you can see the latest changes if you order the pages in the file explorer view by creation or change time. However, this does not work across folders.

I think there is a misunderstanding, we’re on Obsidian forum, not Github right ? I changed the title, I want this activity thing for my Obsidian Publish, I already have the Github profile thing.
i.e. I arrive on my front page “he read this” “he posted that” …

That would imply some scrapping / API query I suppose

Why ? It would allow me to be reminded everyday what I spend my time on and therefore adjust my direction accordingly.

This is an implementation of such thing

This could be really cool!

I think a good way to implement this might be to dynamically update a with the most recent file(or files) of a books folder, projects folder, etc.