My incorrect use of tags

Hello everyone, I’m a student and I’d like to discuss using Obsidian for a specific purpose:

I have a large collection of PDFs containing exercises that I would like to manage efficiently using Obsidian. Here’s the workflow I’ve adopted:

  1. I capture screenshots of the exercises using Zotero, with each exercise corresponding to one screenshot. This step enables me to have visual representations of the exercises.

  2. I create a note in Obsidian and insert all the captured images into it.

  3. To organize the images effectively, I employ tags. Tags allow me to classify the exercises based on their topics, and I often utilize multiple tags for better categorization.

  4. Additionally, I utilize other tags to indicate the status of each exercise, such as “to do,” “done,” or “in progress.”

Why did I choose this approach?
Well, it provides a simple yet effective way to identify and access the exercises I need through the tag-based search function.

However, there is a drawback to this method. When I have multiple notes structured similarly to the above process, it can become confusing to manage the tags consistently. Specifically, in the left menu displaying tags, I see all the tags from all the notes, whereas I would prefer to view only the tags associated with the currently open note.

I would greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions from the community to address this issue.

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