My font list ends with letter "G"... strange

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What I’m trying to do

I am trying to change the text font used for my Obsidian vault. Amazingly I have found that the list of available fonts on my Windows PC ends with letter “G”. This has not been true in the past. There must have been changes. But I can not imagine which…
I am using the Minimal Theme.

any guess what the reason might be?

Things I have tried

Start typing the name of the font you want to use (that’s also installed in Windows). It should show up.

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You’re in luck, mine end at letter F :sweat_smile: #bug much?

Anyway, you can just type the letter “H” to see all fonts starting with H, then letter I, and keep on doing this if you want to scroll through all your fonts and don’t know what font to choose.

It does show up. Thanks for the hint :grinning:

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