My first plugin `innote-ref`, but need test on windows and linux

You can find it here: GitHub - LintaoAmons/innote-ref.obsidian: connect pieces inside note

The main purpose of this plugin is add In note ref and can jump in between quickly by keyboard shortcuts. And the ref should be normal text and can be place in anywhere inside note.

But seems that creating a PR need be tested in Windows and Linux machine which I don’t have access for now.

So I hope Maybe you guys can have a try, help me on test it~

Also I will be every happy if you like this plugin~

I don’t get it: what can this be used for: is it like a block reference but for just 1 line? Can that single line then be embedded in another note? If it is not for a single line, what would I need an innote ref for? What is the syntax: any combination of 3 letters?

The 3 GIFs on your website don’t make it any clearer.

Yes~ Is it like a block reference but for just 1 line.

Because I use vim mode in obsidian, I found I can easily jump between notes with keyboard by [[Note]](Follow link under cursor).

But inside one note, I want to connect two place (maybe one concise sentense with the code block example at the end of the note), and can easily jump in between.

- gist ==1-REF==

code block
multiple lines
the line that important // ==1-REF==
code block

By the way, the obsidian block ref is not very match my needs. Because with vim mode, even though I could jump to view the link block, but the cursor’s position is still at the original place.

The footnote plugin is quite good, but I want the link can embed in any place inside the node, not just in the bottom of note. Also, one link can be appear multiple times~