My first plugin: AI writting assistant

AI writting assistant is my first plugin, it can automatically generate large pieces of text when you are writing. The plugin is based on full-text retrieval service and AI data service in the background. You can build you service .

How to use.

  • Use the method to download and install obsidian.
  • Create a library and specify the path.
  • Enter the library and enable the third-party plug-in mode.
  • Enter the path of the library, and put the main.js and style.css on github The obsidianpluginsobsidianSenGen folder. If you think the above operations are complicated, you can use the simplest method to set the test on github After unzipping the zip download, open it with obsidian, and then enable the third-party plug-in mode.
  • Enable the plug-in in a third-party plug-in. And configure shortcut keys.
  • The default shortcut key is ctrl quotation marks.
  • You can also select different authoring models and adjust other parameters.
  • Create a document and start writing.


  • API address: service address : Fill in your own API address. I built an example service, which includes English model, dialogue model(Chinese), work report model(Chinese) and Tencent welm model(Chinese and few English suport).
  • Address:
  • Type: You can select different authoring models.
  • Token: the token used to log in to Tencent welm. You can apply by yourself on Tencent welm official website.
  • Enable searching: Whether to enable full-text retrieval. Currently, it provides full-text retrieval for the report model.
  • Number of choices: How many candidates. Don’t choose too many, which will affect the speed.
  • Max length: the number of words produced at a time. Don’t choose too many, which will affect the speed.